The Most Stylish Man in the World... just kidding

While my blog is a newcomer to the Internet, and it's pretty lightweight as far as content goes, I have been honored by Gothhammer, the man behind the titans and "TRON" styled Eldar on Collegia Titanica for the Stylish Blogger award. While I am definitely not a blogging equivalent of The Most Interesting Man in the World of "Dos Equis" beer commercial fame, I do try to carve a little corner of the World Wide Web for myself. First of all, Gothhammer, if you read these words, I am really grateful for the nomination, and I hope to do it justice some day. Second, since the rules are simple, it is high time to fulfill my obligations, and write something worthwhile.

 Since I have already thanked Gothhammer - okay, just once is not enough, honestly, I was honestly very surprised being amongst the people he has nominated, so once again, thank you, a lot - I should reveal seven things about me you might find useful, humorous, or just plainly inane. Here they are, in no particular order:

One: I have actually learned English in order to read role playing game and tabletop wargame rulebooks. Yes, I am that nerdy, even though Al Yankovich still is still way out of my league.
Two: I have a giant stash of scale models, still pristine, though stuffed into plain boxes. Honestly, there's about four M1 Abrams tanks, a few Sd. Kfz, 234 armored cars, and God knows what else.
Three: I am a giant neat freak, and I have some vestiges of obsessive compulsive disorder. When I buy groceries, I usually get unever number of every article.

Four: I am a terrible painter. Let's leave it at that, although I know it is mostly due to the fact that I'm without practice.

Five: I am an unashamed bibliophile. My supply of military-related magazines and books on the matter is barely contained in a completely filled Billy bookcase.

Six: I love the smell of Gunze polystyrene glue, the citrus kind. Not that I would be using it to give my flat a pleasant scent, but it makes modeling tolerable as far as my olfactory sense is concerned.

Seven: I'm a neat freak, despite my laziness and procrastination. Oh, I am trying to fight those flaws, not that I enjoy too much success.

Since, as Gothhammer has already pointed out, the whole idea has been floating on the waves of the Web for some time, I intend to follow his example, and comment on a few blogs that have caught my attention. Most have probably been nominated already, and if not, well, it's time to rectify that.
Gaming All Areas, first on my list, is a blog I intend to read from start to finish. I harbor a crazy dream of writing my own wargame, and Tenzing's articles are great food for thought, best I've enjoyed in a long time.
Excommunicate Traitoris is definitely one of the more impressive places I have visited. Its owner is a prolific modeler and painter, and a remarkably helpful fellow to boot.

A Year of Frugal Gaming is probably THE place to go, when you want to try your hand at gaming without ruining your budget. Plus, no one who shares his house with a cat is without style.

Colonel Shofer's Blog should definitely find its way to my list. A veritable smorgasbord of great stuff, both made by the owner, and linked from other blogs... it's like Editor's picks of wargaming.

Anatoli's Game Room caught my attention with Polish cavalry and whatnot, but having explored it a bit, I definitely got hooked. I only hope the owner will not sink into "Witcher 2" too bad...

Feralique, while already nominated, deserves praise for creativity and modeling skill. The owner certainly has interesting ideas - check out his Zoicans, for instance.

Dark Future Games would be hard to overlook, due to far too many reasons to quantify. Just go see that pile of terrain, and admire the owners' dedication... or watch the painting and modeling tutorials.

Musings of a Smurf, another undeniably nominated blog, another place with great content. Anything you'll read around there is great food for thought, that's for sure.

Mordian 7th, ah, Mordian 7th... if you want to see great conversion work and terrain, you don't have to look any further. It's hard not to stand in awe, seeing that Assault Engine, and that's just one example.

Collegia Titanica have to close my list. Yes, I was nominated by its owner, but it would be an injustice, should I not point the place out. "TRON" was my favorite when I was a kid, after all.

There you have it. Yes, the list is incomplete, and rightly so - my knowledge of tabletop wargaming blogs is woefully lacking. Still, the places I've highlighted are, in my opinion, cream of the crop. If you don't know them... well, get on with it. There's much more content there, than on my sorry excuse for a blog, that's for damn sure!